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  • Devil RunDevil RunYour the man for the job zombies are going crazy its your turn to reduce the zombie numbers!

  • Teddy Goes SwimmingTeddy Goes SwimmingCollect gold coins for points and avoid all obstacles. Also watch out for the oxygen level, you need to breathe!

  • Bunny PaintingBunny PaintingGive this bunny some colorful flowers to land in.
  • Cyber NibletCyber Niblet It's going to take mad mental and manual skill to get this bitty bot home laser-free! Get to the checkered box without bumping into any enemies, getting shot by them, or getting sliced by the laser. If the goal is locked, you need to ride past all red dots to activate it.
  • Kiss Doll Dress UpKiss Doll Dress UpDress up this cute little girl.

  • Coffee BubbleCoffee BubbleCoffee Bubble shooter is a match three puzzle game where you must shoot bubbles and match them by color to remove them. The game is peaceful and relaxing, the ideal stress reliever.
  • Hot Love 5 DifferencesHot Love 5 DifferencesFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • How to Make a Chicken BurgerHow to Make a Chicken Burgermake a delicious Chicken Burger and find out how.

  • Fairy 32Fairy 32What's not to love about fairies? They have the magic power that we dream for, the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories. So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves.

  • Crazy CowCrazy CowHelp the cow reach the barn in shortest time possible. When the level points reach zero you will lose a life. You have 3 lives to finish the game.

  • The Wind Sea AdventureThe Wind Sea AdventureCollect all the treasure chest around you and avoid getting hit by rock and mines.

    This game requires a microphone.

  • Stick SmasherStick Smasher Smash the wave's of stick figures!Touch Bombs next to enemies to recieve bonus Points!You get life for every enemy you explode!
  • Drag Racer 3Drag Racer 3Buy your car, customize it, and race, but be careful - do not break the engine!
  • Animal Football 2010Animal Football 2010Try this fun jungle soccer game! The lion challenged the chimp to a game of ten twelve yard shots. Now it is up to the chimp to shoot as many goals as possible. Determine the angle and direction of the ball carefully and shoot some neat goals! Try this fun jungle soccer game! The lion challenged the chimp to a game of ten twelve yard shots. Now it is up to the chimp to shoot as many goals as possible. Determine the angle and direction of the ball carefully and shoot some neat goals!

  • Peace Queen Cup KoreaPeace Queen Cup KoreaThis is the best soccer game ever! You will be Korea's representative in competing against different countries in the soccer finals. Just set the direction, curve and force that you will apply in kicking the ball, and off you go to the finals! Good luck and have fun!

  • Best Hockey GameBest Hockey Game Ignore all those other hockey games. This is the real deal. Play as a team - pass, shoot, steal, score! And it wouldn't be hockey without fist fights. Punch your way to victory!
  • Minecraft Tower DefenseMinecraft Tower DefenseFirstly you need to dig out the way that will lead you back to your house. That same path will also be used by the wondering minecraft monsters. The longer you dig, the more resources you acquire. The more twisted the path is, the longer it takes for the monsters to reach you. With 4 dispenser boxes to buy, and 4 pixelated traps to use - all in which can be upgraded, only you can defend your house in the Minecraft Tower Defense!
  • Hunting with PalinHunting with Palin Palin suddenly has a lot of time on her hands. Help her get back into the swing of killing things from a helicopter with this game!
  • Short Jeans and ShirtShort Jeans and ShirtDesign a perfect look for the girl in short jeans and shirt.

  • Checkers of Alice in WonderlandCheckers of Alice in Wonderland How about a game of checkers with Alice in Wonderland? What makes it hard is if a jump is lined up, it makes you take it.
  • Pet RestaurantPet Restaurant You have to replace the Chef of an animal restaurant while he is in vacation. The restaurant is on your hands now and you have to make the animals feel happy and satisfied by your services. Feed all the little animals that walk in the restaurant, with the right food they order, as fast as you can. Learn their language so you can feed them with the right meal. Cash in and make profit to go to the next level. Good luck!
  • Hollywood 3Hollywood 3A set of stars needs a makeover.

  • Christmas ToysChristmas ToysChoose a lovely dress, accessories and toys for her this Christmas season.

  • Girl In HollywoodGirl In HollywoodFor a movie star, it's a constant round of new sets and costumes!

  • Sonia's SalonSonia's SalonRemember the hair style and then do the customer's hair in the same way. If you forget something you won't get all the points.

  • Street Sesh 2 Downhill JamStreet Sesh 2 Downhill Jam Get Bonus points and a new pair of shoes with the special shoe boxes. Add points to your score with the brown shoe boxes.Use your skills to collect all the items you can.
  • Super Baby SitterSuper Baby SitterTake the role as nanny. You need to take care of the little babies and take care of their needs while their parents leave it in you.

  • Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure HuntDora's Pirate Boat Treasure HuntGrab all the treasure on each map and unlock the doors to proceed to a new level of treasure finding.

  • Ragdoll RicochetRagdoll RicochetMove your Rag doll around the screen trying to stay alive. Saw blades fly by and chop of arms and legs

  • Jade DressupJade DressupHelp her choose the most beautiful gown of all.

  • Mario MotorcrossMario MotorcrossMario needs to face the adventure and the danger in the same time. Now he is back but not in a normal from. He is on the ride, ready to bring you in a challenging adventure among his way to the far away house. Help him have fun and enjoy his adventure spirit. Keep him in a good shape and avoid the obstacles.
  • Huje Tower 2Huje Tower 2Time to save your little friends...or lead them astray!
  • Santa skiing board get Noel giftsSanta skiing board get Noel giftsSanta need to collect presents in Polar for children on Christmas time.Hurry, so Santa must using skiing board to overcome the obstacle and take all presents as soon as possible. Time to go....
  • Tuning 4 DatesTuning 4 DatesWhat hottie could resist a car created just for her?
  • Dress Up Little BelleDress Up Little BelleBelle needs your help with choosing the most beautiful dress!

  • SeraphSeraph Try to shoot all the monsters and survive!
  • HT83 blue fashion dress up gameHT83 blue fashion dress up game Inspired from the sky we have collections of Blue Fashion, Blue is not boring and not reserved for you and every body; Blue too can be fresh, beautiful and edgy.
  • Clone CommandoClone CommandoYou mission is to destroy all clones of yourself and and the enemy' s base camp.

  • Honey FlowersHoney FlowersSweet honey comes from sweet flowers. The four DoliDoli friends invite you to use your skills into becoming the greatest bee-keeper and produce some sweet honey. Plant, seed and water the flowers from which the bees will come take the pollen away to make the delicious honey. Enlarge with each level your production land and acquire more bees. Make a profit, earn more cash and see how your honey will be more and more appreciated and requested by Toto, Sisi, Lisa and Mina. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers planted and prove your skills are exactly what it takes to master this lovely Honey Flowers game. Good luck and have fun!

  • Vertical HitVertical HitTaking cricket to new heights.
  • Marisols MazeMarisols Maze Find a path in this maze of streets to save Marisol's cat!
  • Ninja Air CombatNinja Air CombatFly in the air as a powerful ninja upgrade attacks defeat sky girls, sword ninjas and dragons and more.

  • WildrideWildride How far can you jump? Ride your bike through a series of daredevil jumps!
  • Insect IncineratorInsect IncineratorWho doesn't like to kill bugs? I know I do. Stupid exoskeletons, stupid antennae. They think they're so smart. Well, breathe death, Mr. Bug!