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  • Sami's Nail StudioSami's Nail StudioSami has opened her own studio and the shop is already a great success! From far and nearby people come to see Sami for her advice and skills. In this game you have to help Sami run the studio. By reaching the daily goals you can unlock special upgrades for the studio.

  • Hyper TrakHyper TrakRace in this 3D-like racing game picking up boost fuel and extending your race time

    Use Mouse to interact.

  • Redneck VS ZombiesRedneck VS ZombiesGet on that bad ass chopper, grab your gun and get ready to kill some living dead scum-bags. Yeehaw!
  • Cute Cubes CollectionCute Cubes CollectionA collection of four minigames - Grow Up, Action Cubes, Remove All and Cubes, Cubes, Cubes.
  • Plumber ThreePlumber ThreeThis is a simple sliding tile game with a twist. You can only slide a peice into an empty spot (indicatd by the yellow arrows), and you must connect the blue pipeline with the gold exit pipe.
  • Gold PanicGold PanicHelp this lucky miner to collect all the gold into his little car.

  • Funny Zoo PuzzleFunny Zoo PuzzleThis game is one of those few puzzle games that stays challenging and addictive without being too difficult. Solve puzzles, move the elements to burn off the line, go through the levels to score points.
  • Motor Storm Arctic Edge Avalanche AnarchyMotor Storm Arctic Edge Avalanche Anarchy In this game you are escaping from the snow avalanche in a snowmobile. You must drive as fast as you can or the avalanche will reach you.
  • Decorate from XmasDecorate from XmasChristmas is the best time to be at home decorating the tree with family. This girl wants to look great for the Christmas dinner.

  • Santa Ski JumpSanta Ski JumpA cool Santa ski jump. Try and help Santa jump as far as you can.

  • Box Head The RoomsBox Head The Rooms You have a box head and you have to kill all the box head zombie type people coming at you.
  • Ninja DeliveryNinja DeliveryA point and click adventure of clicking the right objects to get the ninja through each obstacle.
  • Uphill Rush 4Uphill Rush 4Can you survive this extreme uphill battle to the finish line?
  • WeirdvilleWeirdvilleCollect all the coins and find your way to the exit as fast as you can.
  • Shoe RushShoe Rush Run a Shoe Store. Serve all customers that walk in. Invite them to have a sit, offer them a coffee and bring them the shoes they demand.
  • Sue Clothes MakerSue Clothes MakerThis is a fun games. Just press the right key!

  • Hidden Objects MuseumHidden Objects Museum Test your observing skill by searching the hidden objects located in different places.
  • Coconut Joe Soccer ShootoutCoconut Joe Soccer Shootout Can you goal against a monkey.
  • Tom and Jerry in What's the Catch?Tom and Jerry in What's the Catch?Play as Tom or Jerry in this frantic chase game!

  • Sense of Her HeadSense of Her Head Find out sense of fashion inside her head.
  • Collect the HoneyCollect the HoneyHelp the active bee to collect honey from different flowers within the specified time and to deposit it in the honey comb. do it fast to proceed to the next level.

  • Whooly 2 Ranco and the Spaceship to MoonylandWhooly 2 Ranco and the Spaceship to Moonyland Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction.
  • Pomfret FishPomfret FishA new fish cooking game is in town, and it's your turn to play with the decorations. Challenge your creativity and try your best to make the most delicious mix of vegetables and sauces and give this pomfret fish a tasty appearance.
  • States Of AmericaStates Of AmericaThese states may be united, but can you tell them apart?
  • Super SluggerSuper SluggerSlug that ball out of the park—and take out some birds while you\\’re at it!
  • Clash n Slash Worlds AwayClash n Slash Worlds AwayAnother version of the game Clash n Slash! With more and new enemies, weapons and upgrades!

  • How to Make Egg RancheroHow to Make Egg RancheroLearn how to make one of the greatest egg dish.

  • Adventure In PondAdventure In PondA tadpole was lost in the pond. Please complete this thrilling adventure and help him get back home. Watch out the obstacles and pick up useful tools to help him get through. Have fun!

  • Warp Jessica SimpsonWarp Jessica SimpsonA while ago we offered you the chance to deform Pars Hilton, and now it's time to do the same with Jessica Simpson. You can make her look: ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • Fosters TeamworkFosters Teamwork Help Mac and the other imaginary friends rescue Bloo and get rid of the Extreme-osaurus. Grab the eggs and use them to catch the bombs before they explode.
  • Submachine 1Submachine 1Can you escape from this maze of ladders and doors?
  • All Star DodgeballAll Star DodgeballThrow the ball and hit the other team players to eliminate them from the game.
  • ZoomassZoomassYour Galaxy is being attack and its your job to save it.

  • Click n SlideClick n SlideThe object of Click 'N Slide is to get all the pieces in there correct position.

  • TechnoSuffTechnoSuff Go surfing through the world of techno!
  • Scooby Doo 2 Monster Unleashed - Monster Food FightScooby Doo 2 Monster Unleashed - Monster Food FightHelp them escape by throwing food to monster chasing the them.

  • Sweet Spring WeddingSweet Spring WeddingGetting married is the most happiness in one's life,so princess and prince must have sweet and beautiful dresses to experience today.

  • Puzzle Mania Tom JerryPuzzle Mania Tom JerryFix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the pieces to change its direction.

  • Different Picture 2Different Picture 2Part 2 of the game Different Picture. Again, find the difference between the true and false pictures.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants SpongeseekerSponge Bob Square Pants Spongeseeker Try to find where your opponent hide Sponge Bob and company in vice versa.
  • RoomsRoomsYou'll need more than just keys and magic to escape this maze of rooms. Move the room the boy is standing in to any free space by clicking the arrow. Use keys and teleporting phones to reach the room with the exit.

  • SmatchSmatchSwap-Match-Remove.. Swap two tiles on the board so that you match two or more tiles. Once you have matched two or more tiles, its removed from the board and the tiles above it takes its place and new tiles come on top.
  • Sara\’s Cooking Class: F...Sara\’s Cooking Class: F...No silverware allowed—these tacos are fit for finger-food fans only!
  • Shrek and Fiona Wedding DayShrek and Fiona Wedding Day Get the most endearing and frightening couple get ready for there union.