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  • StarboundStarboundLand on the falling platforms and try to reach as high as you possibly can!

  • Server DashServer Dash You are a hottest participant of food serving contest. Be the best server of the contest by serving the requested foodstuff correctly to the people before their waiting time ends. Reach the target score in every level within given time duration and play tougher levels.
  • First SnowFirst Snow Circle same-colored leaves to turn them into snowflakes.
  • Spring Princess Dress UpSpring Princess Dress UpFly away to fashion paradise with this frolicking fairy!
  • Color ClearColor ClearClick the colored blocks in pairs by color to clear the board as fast as you can!
  • Fancy Pants Adventure 2 - Demo VersionFancy Pants Adventure 2 - Demo VersionThis is the demo version for the sequel of the successful Fancy Pants series. But still this is lots of fun to play and we all can't wait for the full version. Don't forget to fire up yourself to the cannon to get at the top, and don't let him sleep, ok? Enjoy!

  • Cast A SpellCast A SpellWith your precious help, this dashing princess will be winning the hearts of lots and lots of handsome prince charmings at this fancy ball!
  • Sunny Day 5 DifferenceSunny Day 5 DifferenceFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • enDiceenDice Move the dice into the dotted spots without going over their displayed value. Push dice with others.
  • Heist II: Greed is HellHeist II: Greed is HellMake your way through the rooms, unlocking, and stealing whatever you can. Don't get caught!

  • Shopping GalShopping GalDo you dare try rummaging through this lovely stylistas shopping bags? If so then you will get all the fashion inspiration that you need for your future trendy chic spring look!
  • CyberFishCyberFishIn this galaxy, green is the mark of the bad space man!
  • Ask Guro JoeAsk Guro JoeA funny flash game where you can ask any question as long as its answerable by yes or no!

  • How to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladHow to Make Wine Cake and Wine Fruit SaladLearn how to make to tasty threats at the same time.

  • Cute Dance CompetitionCute Dance CompetitionKelli is a young girl who is competing in a dance competition at her school. She is very excited - she has practiced hard and knows she can win the crown! She wants win the title Miss Cute Dance 2011. Can you help her with her costume so she can stand out in the crowd? The perfect dress is necessary for the competition.
  • Crappy BirdCrappy Bird

    Nope he is not dead yet because here is Crappy Bird! A cool skill game that drives you crazy. This game is very addictive and let us see how far you can come and set a new High Score! Compete with friends and family and become the number one Crappy Bird player.

  • CasualtyCasualty Try kill all the people without getting notice by anyone of them.
  • Cheney's FuryCheney's FuryEveryone's favorite accidental shootist is out for blood this time! The heads of heads of state adorn birds and land animals for your hunting pleasure. Guns don't kill people.

  • Panda RestaurantPanda RestaurantPanda Tony was a tourist and gourmet. One day, Tony took an aircraft to travel.But the vehicle broke down on the half-way, so Tony had to find bamboo groves to landing in order to earn money to repair.Luckily, he could do many kinds of food and served the other pandas. So Tony opened a restaurant and earned the money.You are a friend of Tony, and help him to earn enough money to go home as the directions.

  • Milk Candy ShowerMilk Candy Shower Link as many identical milk candies as possible to remove them.
  • Falling FurriesFalling FurriesHelp the furries jump from the hot air balloon to the ship below to continue their journey! Make sure to watch the flag to see which direction the wind is blowing. Reach your target before time runs out and avoid things that can pop their parachute! Collect desserts for extra points!

  • Tube Top DressTube Top DressTry every Tube Top you can find for her.

  • Cyber SwatCyber SwatCrush all your enemy with your awesome robotic suit!

  • Divergence Turret DefenseDivergence Turret DefenseClick on the map and then in War zone to enter into the war field. Your objective is defend your base from the enemy attack. Use the mouse to point, shoot and update your armament.

  • Photo Mess - New SpidermanPhoto Mess - New SpidermanArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap the position of a piece, just click on that piece and then on the neighboring one. The quicker you complete, the more you score.

  • Sue Dating MachineSue Dating MachineMatch as many couples as possible by building a pipeline!

  • Kangaroo Jack: Outback RumbleKangaroo Jack: Outback RumbleHelp Jack this Grumpy and ugly opponents.

  • Chick CannonChick CannonA physics based puzzle game,Put the chick into the coop by firing rocks
  • Mouse HuntMouse HuntEat all the cheese while evading the cats!

  • Heavymetal RiderHeavymetal RiderControl a heavy metal chick and race as first over the finish!
  • Memory ExtendedMemory ExtendedMemory Extended is a card game in which all of the cards laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn one after another. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. There are 6 cards groups for the game.
  • Beat the CheeseBeat the CheeseHelp Garfield beat this pesky little rats in his cheese.

  • The WokThe WokThe Wok needs to be protected and kept safe. Go on an adventure to keep the Wok safe.
  • Lantern ShowdownLantern ShowdownA match 3 game with power ups. Get the highest score possible in 30 moves.
  • Rasta Jam MachineRasta Jam MachineClick the buttons to compose your own reggae music!
  • La Banda Del PatioLa Banda Del PatioDrive the bike and collect all the flags and balls. Try to avoid all obstacles along the way as much as possible or its over.

  • Political DuelPolitical DuelChoose your political leader and beat other leaders in this hilarious fighting game! You can fight with your friend in the 2 players mode!

  • Sushi Bar DateSushi Bar DateHow about working out your skills as her fashion adviser playing the "Sushi Bar Date" dress up game and getting this sweetie ready to impress her date with her sense of fashion?? Take a look at her super chic wardrobe and choose the chicest outfit of all, then look for a matching pair of heels and the right accessories, too. A super chic new hairstyle should complete her gorgeous look, so make sure you pick out the one that best highlights her beautiful features! Enjoy!
  • Xmas StarsXmas StarsCollect all the golden stars of Xmas with your little snowflake helpers! Aim with the mouse, launch a snowflake with the left mouse button. Collect all the golden stars on the level to advance. You have limited amount of snowflakes - if one leaves the screen at the bottom that snowflakes is lost. However, if a snowflake lands in the gift box, it can be launched again.
  • Fast Food RushFast Food RushRay and Tina are friends who decided to find a job for this summer. As every one knows, the food industry is very stressful and people get mad pretty quickly. Your main goal is to serve as many customers as possible and collect the money before a customer gets mad and leaves. The game offers the easy and hard mode. Hope you will enjoy!

  • Color Dart BoardColor Dart Board Identify the given color and throw the dart exactly into the needed color found in the grid. Based on the power range, click on the dart to throw it. Attain the target in each level within the given time duration and proceed to play higher levels.
  • Death Planet: The Lost PlanetDeath Planet: The Lost PlanetKill all the crazy worms, and save your girl!

  • TrampieTrampieGo-to-distance addicting highscore game with original gameplay and possibility to create your own character to play with!

  • Hands of War Tower DefenseHands of War Tower DefenseA slow TD game. Limited funds means fewer units to place. Also makes it harder & a lil more boring.