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2011 Games

  • Tres ZeroTres ZeroBox with this crazy black cat.

  • Dress Up Megan FoxDress Up Megan FoxMany journalists have labeled Megan Fox the next Angelina Jolie; we just think she's damn sexy. While her roles in Transformers, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Whore, Jennifer's Body, and the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen have yet to prove that she has the acting capabilities of Oscar winner Jolie, she does have some interesting similarities to her look-alike. Like Angie, Megan has a penchant for tattooing her body. She has about eight in total, ranging from Old English quotes to a moon and star combo. She's been photographed many times showing off her dangerously-close-to-the-pubic-line "Brian" tattoo, but now that she's split with former fiance Brian Austin Green, we wonder if she'll be removing it, or just inking over it. As long as she keeps wearing bikinis in photo shoots, we're fine with whatever decision she makes.

  • Party DownParty DownTake care of your party guests as they want to be fed, and party down.

  • Vogue Girl DatingVogue Girl DatingA vogue girl will have a dating tonight. You have to give her a chic makeup. She will be charming in this evening.
  • Farm Frenzy 2Farm Frenzy 2This is a chicken. it eats grass and produces eggs. Click the ground to water it and make the grass grow. Collect products in the warehouse.
  • Tank Destroyer 2Tank Destroyer 2 The topdown tank game continues with an amazing sequal: 9 new missions, 3 new environments (desert, town and winter) New types of enemies, especially the foot soldiers are fun to drive over. Significantly extended upgrade system and the ability to leave the tank.
  • Vinnies Shooting Yard 1Vinnies Shooting Yard 1 Shoot the targets that pop out from behind cover. Get head shots or heart shots.
  • Infinite Dungeon RPGInfinite Dungeon RPGLevel up your fighting character with the best perks and attributes to keep winning tougher battles.
  • Millineum Fighter 2Millineum Fighter 2Destroy tanks, helicopter, and aircraft coming along your path.

  • The Last Airbender - Elemental BattlesThe Last Airbender - Elemental BattlesFight off enemies with your bow and wind attacks. Climb ropes and grab all the coins on each level.

  • Steel Dino Toy: pterosaursSteel Dino Toy: pterosaursSteel Dino Toy Series games-assemble a powerful Mechanic dinosaur, you should not miss this game if you like!Assembled elements are scattered , Attempt to assemble a big and strong mechanical Pterosaurs. Following the assembly, You can use a wide range of techniques. The long run we will introduce more varieties of dinosaur.Have a good time!
  • Allien Invasion 2Allien Invasion 2 Another version of the game alien invasion!
  • Leap On RockLeap On Rock Get ready for leap rock, a new bike game in which you have to ride new terrains while keeping your bike steady on track. Have fun!
  • Breakout Evolution GameBreakout Evolution GameA complete reinvention of the classic breakout game with realistic physics and 50 fun levels. Whatever you like to call it Breakout, Paranoid, Arkanoid or DX Ball, this game combines it all!

  • Chic Ways to Wear DenimChic Ways to Wear DenimHave fun choosing different dress and a cool denim for this fashionable chic!

  • Target SheriffTarget SheriffShoot down as many enemy aircrafts as possible. Careful, it takes a lot to take them down.

  • Picture Matching GirlPicture Matching GirlLaura needs to finish this game which is all about connecting stars, bears and hearts. Get them to line up and then form a square to disappear. You win when you have eliminated all of them.

  • Guy & BuddyGuy & BuddyThis game can be played with one or two players. It is all about teamwork.

  • Food Memory 2Food Memory 2Remember carefully the arrangement of the food on the table. Then you will have to place it in the right place.

  • Sarah's DateSarah's DateGet Sarah and her date all dress up for there date.

  • Ice Road Truckers 2Ice Road Truckers 2Join the Ice Road Truckers again to haul your cargo across the frozen wastes. Avoid the perils including Ice Breaks, the Arctic Sea and Polar Bears to deliver the good.

  • Homreonbol strokeHomreonbol strokeHit home a home run in every throw.

  • Anti Christ RobotAnti Christ RobotPunch, kick, and shoot cops and survive as you explore the world as a robot. Very nice gameplay.

  • Retro PairsRetro PairsA fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Holly Hobby - Beanbag TossHolly Hobby - Beanbag TossHolly Hobby is having fun today with her best friends. She needs your help to win some prizes.

  • Kebab VanKebab VanSell kebabs to tipsy people.

  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Bikini Bottom CarnivalSponge Bob Square Pants Bikini Bottom Carnival Help Sponge Bob and Patrick in who's the better between them in the carnival games.
  • Call of Duty 1Call of Duty 1The popular computer game has got a flash version. This is the first of the two series of Call of Duty.

  • Girls Aloud Mend A Broken Heart GameGirls Aloud Mend A Broken Heart Game Help Cupid to mend the broken hearts before they drift out of range.
  • Mouse MegatronMouse MegatronMetropolis is under attack and it's up to you to fight off the monsters all over the city! Attack them and avoid their attacks!
  • Battlestar Galactica RazorBattlestar Galactica Razor Cylon Raiders have surrounded your Colonial Raptor, and your laser cannons are empty. In Raptor\’s Revenge, you\’re mission is to destroy as many Cylon Raiders as possible.
  • Chopix AdventuresChopix Adventures Draw your line that you board on and grab all the stars. Reach the flag to progress.
  • Sweet Wedding CakesSweet Wedding CakesHere come the bride and groom. After the guests have congratulated, they want cake. Everybody wants to know what the wedding cake looks like and how it tastes. Today that is up to you. I wonder if you manage to surprise the guests with your cake. I think you can. There are so many possiblities to make the best cake.
  • Lab MessLab MessHelp the professor to find all his stuff and manage the mess in the lab! Open box combinations to search for lost tools.

  • Vertigo Sunrise IV: The Illyngophobia SolutionVertigo Sunrise IV: The Illyngophobia SolutionIn Vertigo Sunrise IV you need to Climb up, down, left and right meanwhile avoiding obstacles like police choppers, bricks and bathtubs.

  • Yapa CrocYapa Croc A cool version of arcade game Pacman. Collect all glowing balls and letters while dodging the animals.
  • Food RecallFood RecallIts festival season! Remember carefully the arrangement of the food on the table. Then you will have to recall and place it in the right place.
  • Bottle CapsBottle CapsFun Match 3 game with Bottle Caps.
  • Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of FoolsScooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools Watch the scenes for valuable clues and collect inventory items to help Scooby and Shaggy in their quest, and of course keep your coolness until the end of the episode to uncover the mysteries of the ship. Enjoy!
  • Adventures of a CowAdventures of a Cow Help rescue the cow's friend who is locked away in a cage.
  • The Lone NinjaThe Lone NinjaKill the enemies that oppose your ninja greatness by throwing spear daggers at them.

  • Police vs ThiefPolice vs ThiefHelp this thief escape from the police. All you have to do is, click and drag him away from the police. Escape as long as you can and score more. If you get caught or hit the side walls , you are out. All the best and have fun!
  • Truckster 3Truckster 3Drive your truck and deliver packages. Drive to fast and gravity will grab those packages from you.

  • Office Slacking 10Office Slacking 10

    Sarah\’s back at work but can\’t help wonder what Tim\’s going to get her for Valentine\’s Day. Help Sarah slack and prepare for her big day with the love of her life!