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  • Metal Slug Crazy DefenseMetal Slug Crazy DefenseMetal Slug Crazy Defense is a cool metal slug shooting game. Take down the incoming waves of enemy troops before they overwhelm you, earn point by killing the enemies and use them to upgrade your weapon.

  • WW2 TacticsWW2 Tactics Move your soldiers in this turn based tactics game. Attack the computer enemies and kill them all.
  • Lovele: Something ColorfulLovele: Something ColorfulTry something more lively and colorful than the ussual.

  • Galagon 2004Galagon 2004This is a game remake of the classic arcade game.

  • Cola Ducks ExpreseCola Ducks Exprese Avoid all obstacle and fly as far as you can.
  • JasmineJasmineJasmine is a little dog who wants to have fun. Do all she wants to keep her entertained.

  • Girigiri RunGirigiri Run Jojoja the fatty samurai has stolen Onionis favorite food Girigiri. Help Onioni get his Girigiri back!
  • Sort My Tiles BoltSort My Tiles BoltSee how powerfull this mutt can be.

  • War in IraqWar in Iraq Walk around with your soldier and kill iraqi troops before they shoot you avoid shell blasts from jets above.
  • Monster Truck DestroyerMonster Truck Destroyer This is one of those games where you drive a vehicle through obstacles controlling its speed and inclination. However, this game is not the most typical one, because apart from just passing levels you cause destruction. There are vehicles in stacks. You can push them with your monster truck and smash them. Apart from the cars there are bombs that explode and give you destruction points when touched.
  • Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Kraken AttackBen 10 - Ben Ten - Kraken AttackThe Kraken has risen from the depths of the lake to wreak havoc! Help Ben to send it back where it came from

  • Arcane Online Mystery Serial The Stone Circle Episode 5Arcane Online Mystery Serial The Stone Circle Episode 5 Another mystery of the stone circle!
  • Bunny CharmBunny Charm Fight off all the attacking fingers and hands as you try to take control of flags on the map.
  • 9 Dragons9 DragonsKeyboard shooter with incoming enemies that you have to shoot at. Get other items to shoot.

  • Nyan Cat Match 3Nyan Cat Match 3The goal of the game is to get as many points in 90 seconds as possible. You swap Nyan Cats to form horizontal or vertical sets of the same color. The more Nyan Cats you can connect this way, the higher your score will be. Furthermore there are special stones as a reward if you can connect more then 3 Nyan Cats.
  • Cooking Show WontonsCooking Show Wontons Prepare your self how to cook with todays menu.
  • ZorbatronZorbatronRoll the Zorbatron for as long as possible as you avoid crashing into items.

  • Home Sheep HomeHome Sheep Home Use physics to solve the puzzles of getting all the sheep to the right of each map.
  • Summer NailsSummer Nails It's a nice summer day and these two girls are on the beach. They like to look at the sea and smell the salty air. They have brought an example book for manicure and some nail stuff with them. Can you help them to have a perfect sunny manicure? You can give their hands a complete makeover. You ca... It's a nice summer day and these two girls are on the beach. They like to look at the sea and smell the salty air. They have brought an example book for manicure and some nail stuff with them. Can you help them to have a perfect sunny manicure? You can give their hands a complete makeover. You can choose to play a free model or you can try to make some example models. I think they're both fun to play.
  • Path MasterPath MasterSometimes the simplest games are the hardest...
  • I Dont Even GameI Dont Even Game How? No how, just do! Avoid spikeys, xamine cloos, think hard, and keeping to go, plz!
  • Keep an EyeKeep an EyeA friend asked you for a little favor, deliver an eye for him. Please don't ask too many questions, it may not be legal in few states, but we won't tell if you won't :). So, will you give your friend a hand and deliver the eye for him??? Play a fun and unique game with great mechanics while you are trying to move the eye to the light without letting it fall.
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  • Birds of ParadiseBirds of ParadiseTake some time off with your friends and head into the tropics for a relaxing vacation in paradise. Dance to the metal cymbals, savor the local flavor, and memorize the beautiful island experience!
  • Night at the MuseumNight at the MuseumThe hit film really comes to life on your screen!

  • Kriegs CraftKriegs Craft Select your type of unit and the pathway to send it on as you try to defeat the enemy side.
  • Santa House EscapeSanta House EscapeSanta House Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, santa is locked in his house. He have to escape form his house with a particular gift box. Try to escape from the house by finding some items and by solving the puzzle. Use your bestest escape skills. Good luck and have fun. Happy Christmas to all!
  • Super Mario World Flash 2Super Mario World Flash 2Welcome to the new world adventure of super mario.

  • Armor DudeArmor DudeDefend the castle at all cost.

  • ShirleyShirleyYour friend Shirley is going to get married. Now she has asked you for some help, because she knows what good taste you have. She needs help picking her dress and accessories.

  • Bajoovels – TAOFEWA Gem SwappingBajoovels – TAOFEWA Gem SwappingPlay a unique gem-swapping game with elemental spells and unique gems from the TAOFEWA manga universe. Call upon mysterious hurricanes, fiery weaves or even mystical sharks that will help you transform unwated gems and form even better combinations.
  • Ready for WonderlandReady for WonderlandDress this cute little girl in colourful outfits so she can go to the amusement park.
  • Black and White DressupBlack and White DressupHelp her choose some of these black and white clothes!

  • Skibble ShotSkibble Shot Shoot the little guys that are coming from both directions. Don't let them cut off your head.
  • Word Search Gameplay - 12Word Search Gameplay - 12Search all names given on the right side of your screen.

  • BreakfastBreakfastIt's morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can.

  • Wacky MatchWacky MatchTurn over tiles to reveal the wacky face on the other side. Match 2 tiles to remove them from the board, but hurry up new tiles keep rising from the bottom and if they reach the top its game over.
  • Love CarsLove CarsThe Automotive Braintrain by City and Guild requires the player to put his skills to the test with a quick fire automotive game the quicker you answer a question correctly or perform the task the more point you score.

  • Dudes and DudettesDudes and Dudettes As your smiley bounces around the map, touch the colors and objects needed to make items disappear.
  • Dunce Dunce RevolutionDunce Dunce RevolutionPush the arrows as they pass over the arrows on the screen. Multiple levels to pass.

  • PixelPixelThese puny pixels can pack quite a punch!
  • Remember Myself EscapeRemember Myself EscapeYou have awaken on a beach, you can see your footsteps leading from the waters edge to where you are on the beach. Next to you is a photo of a man with a target painted on it in red marker. You must escape from your amnesia by finding who this man is and finding clues to who your identity.
  • Mobs downMobs downHelp Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking down the mobs.

  • Squares ShootoutSquares ShootoutGo through the jungles , the mountains , the caves and labs to find and destroy the secret weapon before it\’s released against the innocents.
  • Bus Stop GirlBus Stop GirlHave fun dressing this cute girl that is waiting for the bus. Select various trendy clothes and accessories and print when you're done.