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  • Batman: The Joker CardBatman: The Joker CardYou were caught in a fight between Batman and Joker and was unfortunately taken hostage by Joker. Because of this, Batman was knocked out for trying to save you and now you're both trapped inside a sinister looking room. Batman's unconscious, it's up to you to get yourself and Batman out of there.
  • Magic Hip Hop ForceMagic Hip Hop ForceArmed with your two samurai katanas fight the monsters that habit the DevilÃÆ\’¢â‚¬â„¢s forest.

  • Soft Drinks ServiceSoft Drinks ServiceServe soft drinks at your customers.

  • Checkers BoardCheckers BoardPlay checkers and try to remove all of your opponent's pieces.
  • Xtreme PinballXtreme Pinball Another re-make of a classic arcade game. New ball every 10,000 points!
  • Spider LinesSpider LinesFun and simple logic game which can be a big challange. How long can you make it before you can't move anymore? Are you afraid of spiders?Just use the mouse. While playing, click on a stone you want to move and after that click on an empty place you want the stone to move to. Try to build lines of at least 5 stones until no more moves are possible.
  • Fastfood DeliveryFastfood DeliveryPerforms adequate supply of food before the end of time and can go from level.

  • Magic Toy RescueMagic Toy RescueBouncy balls to the rescue!
  • Snow TraxxSnow Traxx Help Chilly make his way out of the park to meet his friend Lisabella. You must be careful, the ground is covered with the snoe and you don't want to slip and fall. Avoid running into objects in and around the park. This includes playground equipment, snow walls, trees and other kids. Also make sure that Chilly does not walk over his own Snow Traxx, they will cause him to take a tumble. Slip too many times and your game is over.

    Pick up warm treats, like a cup of cocoa or a slice of pizza to uncover the gate key to the park. You must find the key to go through the gate and meet Lisabella. Lisabella will send you a text message explaining how many
    warm treats you will need to uncover the key. Pick up cold treats, like a frozen fudge pop, for bonus points.
  • Spring Flowers GameSpring Flowers GameGrow and protect your sunflowers from harm.

  • Left or RightLeft or RightHow fast can you guess right (or left)?
  • Dora Doll DressupDora Doll Dressup Dora is a singer at an exclusive celebrity lounge. Choose the right dress for her before she performs.
  • Tree House BuildingTree House BuildingDesign your own tree house!
  • MoFroMoFroAction adventure game with keys to open doors and baddies to destroy.

  • Word Search Gameplay 45Word Search Gameplay 45 Find all currencies given on the right side of your screen.
  • Zombie Outbreak BetaZombie Outbreak BetaStranded in a dark street, with a gun and nowhere to run, will you survive? Shoot as many zombies by using weapons and upgrades.

  • Sugar CrashSugar CrashUse Mr. Sugar to bounce the baby for fun, joy and laughs! Be sure and put him down for a nap before his sugar crashes. Keep an eye on his blood sugar so it doesn't get too high.

  • Girl Makeover 32Girl Makeover 32Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty. Don't forget to use lipstick, dress her with necklaces.

  • Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt Move the bunny to collect eggs for kids without hitting the obstacles.
  • Coffee ShopCoffee ShopRun your own Coffee Shop! You have a limited # of days, so make sure to maximize cash, save inventory, and if you reputation gets high enough you might even get a visit from a special guest. Can you become the next Starbucks?

  • Code DropCode DropA rogue code is attacking the system. Are your fingers fast enough to prevent a system failure?
  • Free RiderFree RiderDraw your own track and then ride a bike on it!
  • The Mermaid Princess Dress UpThe Mermaid Princess Dress UpA beautiful and lovely mermaid princess is lives in the deep blue sea. She has beautiful long hair, charming eyes, and a lot of beautiful dresses.
  • In FireIn FireThe building is on fire and about to crash down.People jump out of windows,and you're a fireman doing your best to save as many people as possible, and with your team-mate you hold a stretcher to catch the people and make them rebounce toward the ambulance.

  • Rapunzel Cheerleader TryoutsRapunzel Cheerleader TryoutsPrincess Rapunzel have a dream to become a cheerleader. Now she have a chance. First of all, take a test to figure out whether you have the gift to become a cheerleader. Second, if you are not suitable enough, don't worry, we have a practice for you. If you pass it, you can become a cheerleader, too! Last is dress-up time! Make Princess Rapunzel the most beautiful cheerleader. thank you for your help! Have a good time!
  • Mickey Mouse -  Alarm Clock ScrambleMickey Mouse - Alarm Clock ScrambleHelp Mickey collect all the clocks before they wake the town up!

  • Cut RopeCut RopeCut the rope introduction: Catch the stars available, and give the candy to Om Nom. As you satisfy his sweet tooth, collect shiny gold stars and unlock new levels. It includes different box types and different levels. Features include innovative gameplay mechanics, realistic physics, cute character, and graphics.
  • I Love You PuzzleI Love You PuzzleConnect all the right pieces to solve the puzzle!

  • Hunga Basic NeedsHunga Basic NeedsRotate blocks and direct water to Hunga.

  • GoooaaalGoooaaalTo win the cup, you'll have to win all your matches! Draw is regarded as a defeat. The fastest you score, the more points you get.

  • Cupid HeartsCupid Hearts Cupid always has too much work and need to help him to join the couples.
  • Massive Space Tower DefenseMassive Space Tower DefenseDestroy the invaders to save the earth!

  • XXX2 The MissionXXX2 The Mission An unidentified paramilitary group infiltrated and took control of the headquarters complex, your mission is to stop them.
  • Perfect HairPerfect HairServe customers by dragging the right tool and choice of styles.

  • Thing Thing 1Thing Thing 1 This is the first installment to the very successful series of Thing Thing. Watch how he evolves to be a true legend. Enjoy!
  • Julie Dress upJulie Dress upHelp Julie pick some of those casual clothes so she looks good every day!

  • G2G Word Search-14G2G Word Search-14Search and find the listed word from the jumbled alphabets.Listed words are in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction in the grid.Sooner you complete every level more score you will get.
  • The Pool InvasionThe Pool Invasion Play 3 mini games with Zack and Cody.
  • Lilly Allen in Escape the FearLilly Allen in Escape the Fear The singer Lily Allen plays an adventurer to promote her new CD. Look for the letters that make up her name and then leave through the exit. Go up to where there is water and try to avoid the monsters.
  • Four SeasonsFour SeasonsFour seasons full of frolicking kids dressed in different colours. Create large groups of kids with same-coloured clothes to make them start spinning, and collect all letters in B-O-N-U-S for a score boost!
  • Journey to the WestJourney to the WestJourney to the West is a favorite story loved by all Chinese. Play different roles of Journey to the West and experience five different levels.
  • Sort My Tiles Mickey an DonaldSort My Tiles Mickey an DonaldSort out Mickey's and Donald's date.

  • Mr RunnerMr Runner Run through the levels as fast as possible while grabbing gold coins and avoiding lava.
  • Black Skirts DressupBlack Skirts DressupDress up the girl in a top and one of the black skirts.